8 Essential Smartphone Tips For Every Android and iOS User

Smartphone Tips For Android and iOS User - Technozu

What would be the first thing that you look for? Certainly, it’s none other than your smartphone. We have become smart through the help of these smart devices. Smartphones have transformed our daily routines. Now, we process a small calculation and long-distance communication on smartphones. Although people use cell phones as per their requirements, they may experience different issues about smartphones. However, some general precautions ad tips are useful for every user. For instance, if users start wearing Pentax glasses, they will face fewer issues like digital eye strain and headaches, etc.

Here are some of the tips that will better your smartphone experience whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

Keep Your Smartphone Updated

You may ignore a system update often thinking about it time-consuming activity. But in reality, making your cell phone updated saves you from many threats that you even don’t know. Whenever a system update comes, download and install it as soon as possible. The updated system also enhances phone performance. It increases security against any possible security threat to smartphones. So whether you are using a simple Android phone or a costly iPhone, keep it updated.

Keep Your Smartphone Clean

A smartphone is also a machine. It gets affected due to environmental hazards such as dust, daylight, heat, water, and snow, etc. Keep your cell phone neat and clean. Keep cleaning the phone regularly. Use any dust remover. A neat and clean smartphone enjoys a long life.

Keep Deleting Junk Files

Our smartphones keep collecting unnecessary files and data that leads to memory consumption. If we do not clear the junk files, we will face low memory issues that affect phone performance. So make it a habit that you delete all junk files at the end of the day. All smartphones have an in-built Phone Master (or similar application with a different name) which removes the junk data. Technology review companies have observed that smartphones with regular cleaning perform better.

No Unnecessary Apps

After getting a smartphone, people start installing apps and games limitlessly until they face a low memory issue. Most of these apps are never used by them. Only install the apps that you need for work, play, and entertainment. Google Play Store and Apple Store have millions of apps and games. SO don’t be a nerd; rather be a gentle person and make your smartphone as gentle as you are.

Charge The Phone 100% When Plugged In

It has become a habit of most of us that we keep plugging in and out smartphone charger. Repeating this action multiple times affects the phone’s battery and the adaptor too. Hence, they experience battery issues very soon. To save the battery for long life, ensure to complete the battery recharge to 100% when plugged in. This method is also energy-efficient.

Save Important Data On The Cloud

Cloud web has become a normal practice in the IT industry. Now, people prefer to save their important documents on cloud storage. You are also suggested to use a credible cloud service. There are many cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, and many more like that. In case your cell phone experiences any malfunctioning, you have the facility to access your data through any internet-enabled device in the world.

Use Safety Eyewear To Avoid Eyestrain

Eyestrain is a common issue that every third smartphone user is facing these days. Kids and young people below the age of 25 are soft targets to this issue as they’re addicted to smartphones. Health experts have suggested using safety eyeglasses to protect the eyes from

harmful rays emitting from the screen. Studies have shown that safety glasses reduce the risk of eyestrain and headache.
Personal safety has become a major concern in every field of life. So parents must care especially about their children so they enjoy safe vision. There are many online safety eyewear providers such as Oakley, WileyX, DeWalt, and 3M safety goggles, etc. Whichever model you prefer to have, make sure it complies with ANSI safety standards.

Pin Lock Is Better Than A Pattern

Many people prefer to use pattern-based lock for their phones. Patterns are easy to remember and not secure enough. Even a child can remember the pattern. Security experts have recommended using a PIN to unlock the phone. However, you should remember some tips while designing your PIN. Don’t use generic numbers such as 1234 or 0000 or your date of birth or any series easy to guess. Use difficult PIN that nobody knows. Also, keep changing the PIN after some time to make sure that nobody has access to your phone. Smartphones are evolving day by day with the inclusion of the latest technologies. It is our responsibility to enjoy the safe and secure smartphone experience.


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