How to Backup Contacts on Android

How to Backup Contacts on Android - Technozu

Looking for a manner to returned up Android contacts? The days of manually transferring all contacts from smartphone to telephone or telling your friends on Facebook to ship their digits are lengthy long past. There are more than one ways to lower back up your Android contacts. Some are handy and a few are convenient, however don’t fear — we’re here that will help you find the high-quality technique.(How to Backup Contacts on Android)

Something to hold in thoughts: Device producers will frequently organize and name settings otherwise. Some of the step-via-step commands in this submit can be distinct from the ones on your smartphone.

Back Up Android Contacts to Your Google Account

This is the very best and maximum convenient manner to ensure your contacts are constantly subsidized up. Because Google owns Android, its offerings are very well integrated with the famous cellular working device. One of the various benefits you may enjoy is saving your contacts to Google’s servers.

If you make a decision to head this path, your contacts may be periodically brought on your Google account. This includes all present day contacts, as well as whichever you add within the future. Whether your telephone all at once gets destroyed, stops operating, or you want to exchange gadgets, folks that back up Android contacts to their Google money owed will usually have their numbers inside the cloud and prepared for download.

From your Android device, go to the Settings app

  • Select the “Accounts” option.
  • Look for your Gmail or Google account. Select it.
  • Make sure “Contacts” is checked. It could also be labeled as “People.”

Some humans like matters the old fashioned way, or maybe a few simply don’t accept as true with the cloud. This is why using external storage to back up Android contacts is every other major way to keep your numbers secure and sound. This will be carried out with an SD card or any USB storage tool.

  • Open your “Contacts” or “People” app.
  • Hit the menu button and go into “Settings.”
  • Select “Import/Export.”
  • Select where you want your contact files stored.
  • Follow instructions.

Back up Android contacts to your SIM card

If you are switching devices, but plan to keep the same SIM card, this method might be just the thing.

  • Open your “Contacts” or “People” app.
  • Hit the menu button and go into “Settings.”
  • Select “Import/Export.”
  • Select “SIM card.”
  • Follow instructions.

Back up Android contacts using a 3rd party app

A plethora of 3rd party apps make it simple to back up Android contacts. There’s Titanium Backup, Easy Backup, Super Backup Pro, and many more


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