How to Block Outgoing Calls on Android

How to Block Outgoing Calls on Android

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Block Outgoing Calls

If you are not able to call from your smartphone, then today I tell you a trick that people do nowadays, they start calling without asking anyone’s phone, so now an easy for your phone A solution has been found. No one can call anyone without asking you, when you want, only someone will be able to call.

 Block Outgoing Calls

How to Easily Block Outgoing Calls

You have two ways that you can easily stop or block outgoing calls, one, you can go to the settings of the phone and there is an option to block outgoing calls, you can click on it.

  • Another best way is, as I have recently talked about tricks, I will tell you the shortcut, so that you can easily stop outgoing calls,
  • You have to go to the dial of your smartphone, all you have to do is dial *#31# and then your outgoing call will be blocked, then no one will be able to call anyone from your phone.

How to Unblock Outgoing Call

If you want to call from your phone, if you want to return, no one has to do anything, just dial #31# in your phone, then the outgoing call from the phone will be unblocked, then someone from your phone Can also call.


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