How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android

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Dark Mode in Instagram

Today I will tell you how you can enable Dark on Instagram, you must have dark mode many apps, but today we will talk about Instagram, you can only enable Dark Mode in Android 10 right now, I have given you some steps below on how you can easily enable the dark mode.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Benefits of Dark Mode

If you enable dark mode in any app, you have a lot of benefits at night, it helps your eyes a lot, easily you can read any text or easily do something

Easily Step into Android Dark Mode

Step 1: First check that you have the latest version of Android 10

Step 2: First you open the Settings app on your device.

Step 3: Scroll to Display and Brightness Options

Step 4: There you go to advanced option

Step 5: Clicking on the dark option


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