How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

Since the last decade, iPhone has become a hyped gadget of the market. Users are immensely switching from androids to Iphones and this has opened the way to queries about How-to-do various iOS issues. One of them might be carrying over your android music track with you in the new iOS.

So this how-to-guide will enable you to transfer your music files in an easy, efficient and safer way. So let’s dig this up step by step, trying different methods.

Transfer Music by Availing Streaming Services:

Streaming services are emerging in users for music management. It happens when you use any music app(stream service) to keep your music track like Spotify, Apple Music, Google play music and Amazon music. These apps keep your login details and store your data in the cloud. That’s how if you even make a switch to another platform this streaming service comes in handy and makes it easy to access your information on another device.

All you have to do is download your relevant app on iPhone from the play store, log in to your account and continue to enjoy the tracks!

The only withdrawal here you could face is that the music you downloaded on android is not already accessible on iPhone, you have to download each song manually or by saving Playlists in android would help you out to carry those playlists over iPhone too by just one click away.

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone with the Assitance of Android File Transfer:

This method is efficient and working when using Mac to transfer files. To get music from android to iPhone, you must have access to Android File Transfer on your Mac.

And the remaining process is quite easy:

  • Open  Android File Transfer on your  Mac.
  • Secure your android device to Mac with the help of a USB or data cable.
  • Hit music section in android file transfer.
  • Select music you want to copy and paste it to a folder in Mac.
  • Once you got music on Mac, disconnect android and connect iPhone with Mac.
  • Open iTunes or music in Mac and drag your copied music section in them.
  • Now select iPhone in Music apps  and hit the music header. BOOM sync your all music track or few songs in your collection the choice is yours.
  • Agree on preferences and start sync!

NOTE:  Make sure to stay connected, unless the sync is complete And that’s how you made your music transfer in the default Music app on your iPhone.


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