How to Add Videos to Google Slides

How to Add Videos to Google Slides

Today I will tell you how to add videos to google slides, let’s see by the way, nowadays people use presentation in office, most people use Power point, I tell you that people also make presentations in google slides nowadays. Like making a show by making ppt of a website, it helps a lot to promote your business and website. If you have created ppt, then you should also picture and video and high quality content so that your presentation will look different from others.

See How Google Slides Add Videos

  • First, open your google slide
  • You have to go to the menu bar
  • Then you have to go to the insert
Google Slides Add Videos step

Click on the video there

Google Slides Add Videos two

Next you will see three options: You can add video by clicking on any of these searches, buy url, google drive, but we are going to tell you by searching, you will click on search, then you will enter the URL of YouTube Will then click on the search, your video will start showing and then you will select the video.

Google Slides Add Videos three


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