How to Empty Trash in Google Drive

How to Empty Trash in Google Drive

How can you empty trash in google drive easily, it is very easy before you know what is trash inside google drive whenever you delete or remove any file from google drive then your file goes to the trash bin, if you want that file, then you have to go to the bin again, there you will see the same file, then right click on it, the restore option will be click on it.
Your file will be returned.

Easy Steps to Empty Trash in Google Drive

  • First you go to google drive
  • Whether your files will be deleted or deleted
  • Right click on it, the option to delete forever will be to click on it
  • Your trash will be empty
Empty Trash in Google Drive step


Google Drive is a very good online service. You can also start using it to save your file, if you like the post, you can tell us by commenting.


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