How to Send My Power Point Presentation to Google Drive in My Phone?

How to send my Power point presentation to Google Drive in my phone - Technozu

Today I will tell you how you can easily add or upload or send a PowerPoint presentation from Google Drive in your mobile

I will tell you some easy ways how you can do it

How to Send My Powerpoint Presentation to Google Drive in My Phone?

See Some Easy Step

  • First, make a presentation in Microsoft Word, however, you can also make a presentation in Google Drive.
  • You can then login to Google Drive with your mail ID.
  • Then you have to go to the left sight of Google Drive but you will see the plus sign, then you will see the option of file upload.
  • If you click upload, you can upload the presentation from here to computer or mobile.

If you upload the presentation from mobile also, then mobile my google drive has a different option, in this you can upload the sign by clicking on below.


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