Simple Step How to Add Cells in Google Sheets

Today we will learn how you can add cells in google sheets, if you have to add a text in between any cells and you don’t have space in your sheets, then your formatting gets spoiled due to which you get the problem. , you can easily add cells to that place, then you can add new text there, i will tell you how you can do it easily.

Easy Way to Add Cells in Google Sheet with Example

Open google sheet

I have written 6 numbers. I have to add one more cell after number 3

Add Cells in Google Sheets step one

You have to select the number 3 cells

Add Cells in Google Sheets step two

Then you have to right click

Add Cells in Google Sheets step three

Next you will see the option of insert above and insert below, you can click on it and add cells anywhere

Add Cells in Google Sheets step four


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