How to Change Margins in Google Docs

google page margins changes

Let me tell you how to check page margins on google docs,

First, let me tell you why you need page margin. Suppose you have to make something on the docs sheet, but you can make the setting of its page different, then you can do it, if you have to make an id card, then its size is different. It is possible that you have to fix the margin of the page, but you can do all this easily, seating the page on google docs, setting the margin of the page as you want. It is very easy to work on google docs. One of the biggest advantages in this is that there is no need to save whatever work you are doing, if your computer or laptop suddenly shuts down then it will be saved automatically,

Know the Easy Way to Change Margin in Google Docs

1. I have to go to your file every time

2. After that you have to go to page setup

3. Then you can see how to do the margin of the page as you can

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