How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

If you want to delete a page in google, then i will tell you some easy ways by which you can delete the page. Google docs are like word but they are used inside google drive, it is much easier to work in Ms word. In this comparison, you do not need to save any file, the file is saved automatically, if you are working on google docs, then the problem of saving you lam will not, now i can have an extra page you since you will tell that to work on docs or you want to delete it.

4 Easy Ways to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Step – 1 . You have to go to the last text of the page, then the remaining pages are there, you have to press delete, just your page will be deleted.

delete page step one

Step – 2. You have to highlight the blank page and then you can press delete or backspace, the page will be deleted.

delete page step two

Step – 3. You have to go to the format in the menu bar, then click on line spacing and then go to custom spacing, then you have to zero in paragraph spacing and after
Click Format> Line Spacing> Custom Spacing, After Paragraph Spacing Must Zero After and Before

delete page step three

Step – 4. You have to go to the file in the menu, by clicking on page setup, you can change the bottom of the margin.
File> Page Setup> Can Adjust Bottom is 0.5

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