Simple Way How to Delete Facebook Page

Today i will tell you how to delete facebook page, nowadays, everyone uses facebook, there is hardly anyone who cannot run it, even the world’s number one can say online social media sites where you get new friends. And your business also works with its help. You must have created your profile on facebook, in the same way you create a profile of your business, for that you have to create a page, that is called facebook page, today i will tell you how to delete facebook page. .

Easy Ways to Delete Facebook Page

You go to your facebook page

Delete Facebook Page step one

Then you go to settings

Delete Facebook Page step two

Then when you scroll down, the delete page will appear and click on it.

Delete Facebook Page step three

Then you can delete the page by clicking on the delete page.

Delete Facebook Page step four


If a wrong Facebook page has been created from you, then you can easily delete it, with the help of this post, if you continue to get similar information, then you can tell us by commenting.

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