How to Delete Whatsapp Group

How to Delete Whatsapp Group

Today I will tell you how to delete whatsapp group, You can also call it the app of social media, with the help of this people, are running their own business as many people do their daily business work on it. Like making video calls or sending important documents, sending content is also a great app, Facebook and WhatsApp are famous all over the world these days.

Along with chatting, you can put status in it, you can use any kind of short video in the status, you can also share the image in the status and put a nice background behind the already existing WhatsApp status in it. In which you can put whatever you want, whenever you are chatting with someone, you can apply the background image.

Now Let’s See the Easy Way to Delete Whatsapp Group

The same way you have to go to WhatsApp group, then you click on the 3 dots and click on the option of Group Info, then you scroll down, then you will see the options of exit group, click on it, after the exit you will then delete the group Click on it, your group will be deleted.


How to See All Contacts in Whatsapp Group

You can easily see the numbers of all the contacts of your WhatsApp group and the name of any of them will also be shown. First, you have to go to the Whatsapp group, then you click on the right dot at the top right, then you have to go to the group info, then you can see all the members of your group.


How to Mute Notifications from Whatsapp Group

If you feel that you get too many messages in WhatsApp group and you get upset, then in a great way by which you can mute (stop) the message of WhatsApp group, that is, the message in WhatsApp group but you will come Notifications will not come to you, that is, you will not be disturbed again, then you can also unmute notifications later. After going to the group, you right-click on the dot at the top sight, then you will have to go to mute notifications. After that, the options will appear in front of you for the time you want to mute.


With the help of this post, you can easily exit the Whatsapp group to exit group & delete group, this is a simple way, if you have got some help from this post, then you can tell us by commenting, we can inform you about the technology in the same way. Will keep giving

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