Simple Way How to Download a Video from Facebook

I do not need to tell you what facebook is. You all know that these are the number one social media sites in the world where people are getting connected to each other online, nowadays people are doing good earning with facebook.

How You Can Download Videos Inside Facebook

You must have downloaded the video from the website or from other sites, but today i will tell you how you can download the video from facebook, because most people watch videos on facebook but are unable to download, facebook when you download the video inside or either it is saved or the video is downloaded but the video does not come inside your phone, it stays on facebook, whenever your phone’s data is exhausted, then you can watch the same video, its advantages. Can take
just as i will tell you today, in the same way you are downloading photos inside facebook, you can use it only when your photos are in no download option

Watch the Easy Way to Download Videos

  • First of all, you have to open Facebook, you can do it anywhere on your phone or computer.
  • After that, you see the right side three dot on whatever video you see have to click on
  • There you have to click on the option to copy URL, the URL will be copied.
Download a Video from Facebook step one

Then you have to go to Google, there you have to type Facebook video download online. This way a lot of online sites will open as soon as you type, but you have to open the site.

After opening, the URL of your video was copied and paste it there

Download a Video from Facebook step one two
  • Then you will have the option of download show in the right side, click on it by doing this you can download videos, you can also download in HD quality as you can.
Download a Video from Facebook step one three

If you want to save the video inside facebook

  • Where the option of copy URL was coming, the same video will also be saved above, you can click on it
Download a Video from Facebook step one four

If you want to watch the video where you have saved your computer, there will be an option of saved on the left side on the home page, there will be your video and on the phone, this option will be three lines on the home page of Facebook with the notification at the top. By clicking, you will see the option of Saved, there will be your video.

Download a Video from Facebook step one five
Download a Video from Facebook step one six

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