Easy Step How to Make Your Number Private on Android

Today I will tell you how you can make your number private in Android, it will make your number high and if you call anyone, your number will not be visible to anyone nor fun trick, you will get an advantage when You will also call any such person whom you do not want to show your number, you can do that too.

You Can Make Your Number Private in Android

You Can Make Your Number Private in Android

Hide your number on android device

  1. Open app on your phone
  2. Then you open the menu
  3. Then you go to settings
  4. Click on call settings
  5. Go to additional settings
  6. Go to caller id
  7. Hide the number, your number will be hidden
  8. Choose “show number” or “network default” to show your number
    It is not so fun, so what is the delay, call your friends and have fun.


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