How to Uninstall Software and Program in Windows 10

How to Uninstall Software and Program in Windows 10 Technozu

Today I am telling you how to uninstall software in windows 10 easily without any problem, you often delete or uninstall the apps or software that you have inside your mobile. You do not need apps or software, you uninstall it from the phone without any problem.

Whatever software you download or install in your computer, all the software that you have are displayed inside the control panel, sometimes you do not need some software or you think that virus is coming from it. If it is not right for your computer, then you can uninstall it. As soon as you uninstall, your pc or computer will work very well, the speed will also be very good.

Whenever you install any software or application in your computer, the file and folder of that software is saved in different locations inside your c drive. It is not completely deleted from your computer. We told you one of the ways below. With which you can easily uninstall or delete the entire file from your computer, easily, there is an option of apps and features by going to settings, from there you will delete, then the whole file will be deleted, in that you will also have some such software and applications. You will see that you cannot uninstall in that uninstall option is disabled because they are not deleted, when you install window 10 in the startup or already there is a lot of software in your computer along with that which You cannot delete them which are already inbuilt.

Some Easy Ways You Can Uninstall Computer Software

Uninstall software from Start Menu

  • First you go to the start menu
  • Then you will see a lot of apps and software by right clicking on it, the option to uninstall will come from there, you can delete from there.

Uninstall Software from App Settings

  • First you go to the start menu
  • Then you type the setting on it, after that you will see the option of apps, go to it
  • Then you will see the software and apps below Apps & features, you can uninstall by clicking on it.

Uninstall the Software from the Control Panel

  • First you go to the start menu
  • Then you type the control panel in the search and open it
  • Then you will see the option of programs and features, click on it
    From there you can also uninstall by right clicking on the software


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