Largest canyon in solar system revealed by NASA on Mars

Largest canyon in solar system revealed by NASA on Mars - Technozu

Stunning new images of the largest canyon in our solar system have been taken by a Nasa probe on Mars.

The Valles Marineris is a system of huge canyons that spreads for 2,500 miles along the equator of the Red Planet.

It’s nearly ten times as long as the Grand Canyon on Earth.

It’s also three times deeper.

The sheer size of the canyon system means it’s surrounded in mystery.

University of Arizona researchers wanted to explore it more and so they used a high-resolution camera called HiRISE.

This camera is onboard Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

They’ve been taking images of the canyon since 2006 to try and look at its strange features and get some kind of insight into how it formed.

Earth’s Grand Canyon system is said to have been carved out by billions of years of fast moving water.

The Valles Marineris, on the other hand, may have been formed due to huge amount of volcanic activity.

One theory is that Mars’s crust may have stretched and ripped open when a super-group of volcanoes was first forming.

Ancient rivers, landslides and magma may have caused even more erosion.

Scientists will use detailed images like the ones above to try and get more answers.

In other space news, Uranus, Mars and the Moon will make a pretty close approach later this month.

Four Supermoons will be gracing the night sky in 2021.

And, dead alien civilizations could be littered all over our galaxy, according to a new study.

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