List of Chinese App Banned in India

List of Chinese App Banned in India & See Chinese App Alternatives


Today I will tell you that India has banned 59 Chinese apps, by the way, tell you that the government has banned all these apps, now you all have to delete all these apps from your phone so that the Chinese people will make more difference, because Most probably, India uses the Chinese app. Of the 59 apps that were talked about, there were some such apps which we had become like, such as Tik tok, UC Browser, Share it etc. Apps were used in everyone’s phone. But the steps taken by the government are very good, we have to delete these apps from our phones. By the way, if you also delete these apps from your phone, then you do not need to fear, in the same way the same apps India also has, you can use them.

59 Chinese App Banned List in India

Banned 59 Apps Alternatives in India

Mitron and chingari
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
Super beam
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
Norton App Lock
Adobe scan
File commander


You can also contribute by deleting the Chinese app for the country, Boycott all the apps listed above as the government is speaking. You are also very good in India, you can use them.

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