Make Chingari App See First Choice of People

चिंगारी ऐप बना लोगों की पहली पसंद देखिये

By the way, you know that the central government has stopped 59 apps of Chinese people by joining Tik Tok, all the people who used the apps and people are now going more on the apps of India, the most when Tik Tok is closed. chingari Apps have benefited more, many people have downloaded these apps. This app was made by Siddharth Gautam last year and is going to become the spark app number on Google Play Store.

Once you use the Chingari app you will automatically know how these apps are different from Tik Tok and much better than that. You can do everything within the Spark app that you used to do on Tik Tok, you must use it. There are many big developers in India who are taking up this responsibility, you should also use their apps and boycott Chinese apps.

These features are available in the Chingari App

In this, you can both download and upload videos

You can also chat with friends and talk with new people.

These apps are available to you in many languages.


Once you use the chingari app, this app is very good and it is much better than the tick, you can tell us for more information.

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