How to Draw in Microsoft Word

How to Draw in Microsoft Word

Today I will tell you how to draw in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word is a very good offline software where you can do all kinds of work like making resume, drawing or making something else. I can do that in the same software. These are very useful software that you can run on a phone or computer at any time.

Microsoft Word You Can Do Many Things Along with Draw

In this, you can add numbers like mail merge, copy paste, book write, header and footer, i card, page settings as much as you want, and you can do many things on it, Winword, MS Word, or Word, also called Microsoft Word, can save a file in .doc.

See How You Can Draw Microsoft Word

You have to go to the Insert menu as soon as you open Microsoft Word

After that, you will see many options like Shapes, smart arts, charts, pictures, tables etc. You can click on anyone and draw


Today we have given some information about Microsoft Word, if you like it, then you can tell us and we will continue to share technology posts for you that will work for you, thanks


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