10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views - Technozu

YouTube has gained its popularity over the past few years and has earned the title of the second most visited website in the world. A statistical fact that testifies about this popularity reports that every single minute 500 minutes of video content is being uploaded, adding up to 12000 hours of fresh content on a daily basis. However, many people expect that by merely creating a YouTube channel and publishing some videos, they’ll get a ton of followers. The reality is, in fact, not such. Even if you have the most interesting and high-quality videos, you still need different ways of promotion to gain popularity. Some of them are free, while some of them need to be paid and they include things such as coming up with creative titles, creating high-quality videos, having in mind popular interests, optimizing videos for search, getting involved in the YT community and many others. Take a look at some simple ways to promote your YT channel for more views.

1. Come up with creative titles

In order to grab attention, the titles of your videos must be engaging and amusing as YT marketing revolves around the presentation. You should present your content as a must-see. There are some techniques you can use to create such awesome titles. However, be careful not to write titles that are too dramatic, as people don’t appreciate these very much.

2. Create high-quality videos

When it comes to creating your videos, have in mind that they should always be high-quality as these videos do get most of the views. A quality video is a promotion by itself. Even though not all people are very handy with video production, there is still a solution. If you have some amusing content in mind, but you lack the skill to put it into a video, you should consider hiring help for video production in Sydney, New York, Paris, London, or wherever you live. In this way, you get half of your promotion work done.

3. Have in mind your audience’s interests

The key to any successful YT channel is understanding what people want to watch and learn about. Get to know your audience and tailor your content accordingly, as it won’t matter even if you had some best quality video on the topic that doesn’t interest anybody.

4. Optimize videos for search

As a vast majority of people use Google, YT videos tend to appear in 70% of top searches. YT video is also content that needs to be optimized like any other. YT SEO involves some knowledge about titles and descriptions, keywords in the video, categories, tags and audience engagement.

5 Involve yourself in the YT community

Even though it’s not seen as such by many people, YT is a social network where you can interact with other users. You can engage via likes and posting comments. You should think about how you can interact with your viewers. You can reply to their comments, like them, or even pin them for other users to see them.

6. Cross link your videos

Your content is surely going to overlap with some other user’s content. You can include some previous content by making some cross-references in your more recent videos. What many YouTubers do is post a link in the description of the video and in that way encourage viewers to watch them.

7. Use Google Search to target audiences

When it comes to YT promotion, you should definitely promote your channel with SEO strategies in mind. Videos that involve product reviews, how to do something and the ones that last 10+minutes rank pretty well when it comes to search engine results.

8. Create content that’s worth subscribing to

A good way to get more subscribers and viewers is to create a series of amusing videos that people will follow. It can be anything that deals with a recurring topic or theme. And such series are quite popular with people. It is a win-win combo because as a creator you are accountable for creating fresh videos, with some ideas already present. And as a viewer, you have something to look forward to.

9. Work with other YouTubers and brands

This is a strategy many famous YouTubers and bloggers use: working with other popular YouTubers or even brands. Such engagements expose you to new audiences. Those viewers are also likely to subscribe to your channel when they see you’re collaborating with someone they know, love and feel. However, the key is in finding the right partner. You should find people who share your interests. It shouldn’t feel overly promotional, though.

10. Run paid YT ads

Even though there are many free things we can do to promote our YT channel, sometimes it’s also necessary to run some paid ads for the most optimal results. There are various forms of YOUTUBE ads available, including display ads, bumper ads, overlay ads as well as sponsored cards. Do your research and consider which one(s) would be the best for you.

Creating amusing YT videos is not enough for gaining popularity – you need to be proactive when it comes to promotion.


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