A Comparison of two GPS systems by Garmin and Magellan that are priced below $200

A Comparison of two GPS systems by Garmin and Magellan that are priced below $200 - technozu

So you heading out for that long trip out of town? Trying to get by using land transportation because of the high costs of air travel? Well we really can’t find you the best substitute that is as fast as an airliner, but we certainly can provide tips on what GPS you can buy $200 to help you get there at the right place at the first time, but not necessarily at the right time. Read on to find out more.

Garmin Nuvi 255W

If you’re looking out for a navigation system which will help you provide the required directions you can lookout for Garmin nuvi 255W navigation system which provides all the required facilities that a driver would like to have from a navigation gadget. With a 4.3 inch display screen and a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels you have the best touch screen available in the gadget. Powered by lithium ion battery you get a backup of four hours of navigation. The gadget is best suited for beginners who are willing to install navigation system in their vehicles.
Garmin nuvi 255W contains all the necessary features which are usually found in high-end navigational systems. With a reinforced hard plastic body it provides easy installation on the dashboard or to the windshield of the car so that the driver can easily locate the widescreen of the navigation system in order to know the accurate route for a particular destination. Many facilities included in the navigation system help the driver lookout for new destinations with hassle free operation. The device comes with auto update of time zone, the option to choose the map in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional, provision for micro SD card, USB interface in order to load new maps and preloaded points of interest.
The driver also has the option to enable or disable voice command which reads out streets name with turn by turn directions. The user also has the option to set custom points of interest which enables them to set alarms according to proximity. Apart from providing directions the gadget also has few other applications such as calculator, currency converter, world time zones and measurement calculator. This is one of the best navigation systems available in the market which provides all the required directions to the user.

Magellan RoadMate 1220 GPS System

Are you looking out for a navigation system for your car? Then you can look out for Magellan RoadMate 1220 GPS system which provides you the required facilities that will help you reach your destination accurately and safely. This particular GPS gadget comes with a 3.5 inch screen providing you the freedom to choose from different options which are already pre-installed in the navigation system. The most attractive feature of this particular GPS system is the accuracy of providing the required destination route. It has a positional accuracy of 10ft – 16ft with WAAS enabled or with EGNOS enabled.
The complete navigation system comes in a single package which can be easily mounted in the dashboard of your vehicle. The antenna is very powerful and is built inside the system which provides good transmission for navigation as it receives accurate signals from the GPS satellite. This enables you to have accurate route map for a preferred destination which you will have to enter in the system. With voice enabled direction provider you now can listen to the planned routes on which you prefer to travel.
The complete package comes with a car and windshield mount necessary so that you can charge the navigation system with the help of your car battery and also attach it to your windshield so that you can easily locate the direction for the preferred route. Provided with a lithium ion battery, a single charge provides you operation of the gadget for three long hours. With all the necessary features to install in the gadget this is the best available navigation system that everyone would like to purchase and have it in their cars. The best part is the pricing of this gadget as it is available at an affordable price which makes it a handy navigation system.

Best among Magellan Roadmate and Garmin Nuvi 

If you are looking for a navigational system which will best into your criteria and will provide you accurate and hassle free route to different destinations, then you will have to choose between Garmin Nuvi 255W or Magellan Roadmate 1220 which are considered as the best available products in the market at this particular time. With almost all the features present in these gadgets, they make one of the best sort ought products which provides the best operation to a user.Both the gadgets are touch screen and have 4 inch wide screen which enables the driver to look at the map pretty easily without disturbing his concentration on driving. The best part is the texxt2speech software installed in these gadgets which read out the instructions turn by turn directions for a given destination.  This helps the driven proceed with an ease without any disturbance to his concentration on driving. They can also be attached to the windshield of the car with the accessory provided along with the package. Both the gadgets have preinstalled points of interest applications which enables a person choose and also define new locations which will help them set alarms with a proximity range.According to operation and overall performance though both of the navigation systems provides the best and accurate mapping of the destination, I would personally recommend Magellan Roadmate 1220 for its ease of operation, accurate mapping, 4 hour battery life, faster response and provision for installing new maps of different locations. Check out more details about the product and collect information so that you can visit the nearby store to purchase the Magellan Roadmate 1220 navigation system in order to make your life easy without the need to look at maps every time you travel to a new location.


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