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Best Investment Apps for Mobile Technozu

Today I will tell you about some best investment apps in which you can invest as soon as you name an investment, then it comes in everyone’s mind whether to invest or not and if we do, our money will not be there or else Whether or not we will get a good return of our money, and where we are investing, they are free or not paid, or even if it is not paid, then we do not suffer any loss, all these questions will definitely come in your mind because you should also If you are giving money, then this question will come in your mind.

Let Us Talk About Some of the Best Investment Apps

Groww Apps

First of all, we talk about this is an investment app of Groww apps, you can also use it, you must have heard the name of this app, it is quite famous, in this you can invest in mutual funds, all you mutual funds are the same You will be found on the spot and you can directly invest there and track your portfolio and you can also compare different mutual funds and you can buy and redeem it anytime and in this you There is no need for any kind of documents, all goes online, just for this you have to get KYC, for that you can do it with PAN card and adhaar card, then you can directly invest in it.

Kuvera App

You can invest with the help of this app, in this you can do with PAN card and adhaar card for registration right now and in this you can invest from one place and there are some mutual funds where you can invest more than 100 You can easily track your postfolio from mobile, in this you can invest from mobile, you can track and compare also, this is also a very good investment app that you can use easily.

Coin App

This is also an investment apps that you can use, discount broker Zerodha is a company, these are only aaps of that and you can also invest in Mutual Fund, in this you will get to see more than 40 asset management companies. You can compare history in it and you can also see the record, inside it you get full flexbilty. If you have already bought it then you can add to it, you can redeem it.

Mycams Mutual Funds

In this, you can come and invest by comparing and checking different mutual funds, in this you can track postfolio, can also compare various schemes, can also do SIP.

Paytm Money

Nowadays, who does not know paytm, nowadays this app will be available to you in everyone’s phone, but you can use it to send money and add money and also pay with QR code, but you will not know that this mutual fund too Provides. In this, you will get to see more than 25 asset management companies, in this you can also track postfolios, you can SIP and by reredeem money you can add your paytm and bank.

What I have told about some of these investment apps, you can easily download them from your phone and then use them, these are very good apps, it is very easy to use from mobile.


If you have some help with this information, then you can tell us by commenting, in this post, we have told you about some investment aaps, which you can easily invest in by downloading it on mobile, if you like the information then please comment


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