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Looking for a comfortable computer chair for your 200 dollar budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Hover through our recommendation, and you’ll find an affordable computer chair that you can use for long hours. And  you don’t even have to rob a bank

A solid computer/office chair for under $200

I suggest strongly that you find your local office furniture store – not staples, but the place that actually sells office furniture to businesses, as they might have a return or something on sale in the $200 range… I had a budget of up to $250 and got a “no name” chair I /think/ it’s called “Element Ergo”? And it’s the best desk chair I have ever owned. A bonus for having gone IN to the store was that I got to sit on many display models until I found the chair that worked best for me. (I highly recommend you do NOT buy an executive chair…they’re only comfortable for the first hour.)

First of all, thanks for reading this and taking your time to help me out on my search for a quality chair.

My primary uses for a computer/office chair are gaming, YouTube browsing, and the occasional news reading session.

I have a lean body type, 6′ 3″ and 185 pounds, with longer-than-average legs but nothing too irregular.

I frequently put either of my legs up during the non-gaming parts of my sessions, and lean forward when gaming. Rarely I cross my legs, but I sometimes extend them onto the lefthand side of my desk when watching a film or long video.

A particular problem I’ve encountered is one that has plagued both my last and current chairs: I somehow end up making them them tilt down, forward, and to the right, off-center to what the chairs were originally centered at when I seat myself. The more the chair goes off balance, the more uncomfortable I become and the more my lower back hurts.

This is most likely due to metal fatigue, as in my previous chair a bolt-looking piece next to the height handle looked pressed in, and directly affected the stance of the seat on the mechanism. I suspect a similar thing is happening with my newer chair, but that part of it is hidden in a small gap between the mechanism and the seat attatchment. In case it is necessary, I’ve had this new chair for only 3 weeks now. I have tried consistently sitting towards the left to prevent this from happening a second time, however, I seem to have failed at preventing it from starting to happen again, since the office chairs I am working with operate under that same basic design.

Some higher quality chairs I browsed seem to not have this standard setup which I seem to be suffering with, although those are priced much higher than my budget. I have considered abandoning swivel chairs altogether, but I’m hopeful to see what options there are that can address my comfort issue and meet my activities and body type.

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