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Fix the Norton Live Update Error - Technozu

Norton antivirus takes care of your device and prevents all the threats and dangers of entering your device. In an account for securing your device, you need to keep your Norton antivirus also up to date. Whenever you see a new update for your Norton, install it immediately. This antivirus also has an auto-update feature which automatically installs the new updates when they arrive. But some users reported that they are getting Norton Live Update failed to complete Windows 10 error message. This error message appears when your device is unable to install the Norton update. If your Norton antivirus is not updating automatically then try updating the antivirus manually.

Steps to install Norton LiveUpdate

  1. Open your Norton antivirus dashboard
  2. Click on the My Norton page
  3. Tap the Open button
  4. On the main window, double click on Security
  5. Choose the LiveUpdate button

You have to wait for the Norton update process to complete. If the Norton antivirus update fails, click on View Summary on the Result wizard. On the summary page, click on More Information and check for the reason behind the Norton update error.

Possible reasons for getting Norton Live Update Error:

  1. Your internet connection is not stable
  2. Low free disk space
  3. Missing Norton program files
  4. Another program is conflicting with Norton
  5. Temporary files are interrupting 
  6. Corrupt Windows 10 files

Resolving Norton Live Update Error:

Check the internet connection

Your update installation process can fail when the internet connection is not stable. When you get the error on installing the update, check your internet connection. Sometimes the user’s internet connection seems good but not smooth. Update installation needs smooth internet access. When you get the error, check whether the internet connection is smooth or not. If not, you should wait until the connection gets smooth. Try connecting your device to a secure internet connection and then check for the error.

Check for free disk space

The new update needs some free disk space for installation. While installing the new downloads, if the disk space is less then the installation process will fail. Check the free hard disk space on your Windows 10 device. If space is very less then you need to add an SSD to your device. In case you don’t want to add the SSD then you need to increase the free space by deleting the unnecessary data from your device. Go to the Apps folder and check for the unnecessary application. Uninstall all the unnecessary apps from your device. Now check for the large files. Heavy files like movies, videos etc accumulate lots of space. Delete the large files from your device to increase the free hard disk space. Now restart your device and try to install the Norton update on your Windows 10 device.

Remove the conflicting program

A person can get the Norton update error when another program is conflicting with your Norton antivirus. The conflicting program can be another antivirus or a third-party program. Multiple security programs conflict with each other. If you have installed any other security program (or old Norton setup) on your device then uninstall it. Remove all the other security programs from your device to remove conflict issues. Sometimes the conflicting issues can appear with third-party programs. Some third-party programs like gaming and editing software can be malicious. Check for the third-party programs on your device. Go to the Apps folder on your Windows 10 device and then uninstall the program. Now restart your device and install Norton LiveUpdate on your device.

Delete the temporary files and junk

Some junk files of your device can also interrupt various processes. When Norton shows you an error on installing the update, check and delete all the temp files from your device. After deleting the temporary files, check for other junk files and delete all of them. You can use the Windows clean manager tool for deleting all the junk files from your device. Follow the given steps for running the Clean manager tool:

  1. Close the Norton error wizard
  2. Click on the Start button and go to the Run bar
  3. Type cmd on the run window
  4. Hit the Enter button
  5. You will see a permission prompt
  6. Click on the Allow button
  7. Now your Windows command screen will appear
  8. Type cleanmgr on the cmd screen

Hit the Enter button to run the clean manager tool. This Windows tool will scan the files of your device and list out all the files which you can delete. Now check the list of items and click on the boxes you want to remove. Tap the OK button and the junk will get removed from your device. Now go to the Norton antivirus and try to install the update on your device.

Reinstall Norton antivirus

Sometimes you can get the error on installing the new update on Norton due to missing program files. This issue appears when the user has deleted some of the Norton files mistakenly. When your program files get missing or corrupted, you have to reinstall the program. Delete the Norton setup from your device and reinstall a new one on your computer. Now you can easily run the scan and update on your Windows 10 device.


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