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How to Change Spotify Password - Technozu

Today I will tell you how to change Spotify password easily, without any problem, see some easy steps to do it.

  1. You first open any of your browser and open the Spotify website in it, then you login to it

2. Then after login, you click on the name and profile on the right corner at the top of the screen.

3. Then you click on account

4. Then it will bring your account into view, Then you scroll down to the left Sidebaar till the third tab, then you change the password then it will be labeled with the icon.

5. Then you enter your new password and the old one

Then you are ready to make changes, enter new password and then click on the button, Next, if you open Spotify again on your phone or computer, then you will be logged out and asked to enter your new password.

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