How to Change Your Email Name

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Change Your Email Name

I will tell you how to change your email name. First thing comes, why do we change our email name or change we have to change. If you have created the mail ID, then your email is fine in that but your name is entered first. Name and Last, if you want to change that name then you can change

Let’s See Six Easy Steps to Change

  1. First of all, you have to login your email id on google or you can also open the email but we are telling you the other way how you can do it

2. You will show your mail id on the corner right side of the screen, click on it just

3. After that you have to click on the manage your google account below the mail.

4. Then you have to go to personal info

5. Next you will have to show your name, which are retained by you, you have to click on edit.

6. You can easily edit the name from here, whatever you want


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