How to Delete Telegram Account Full Details

How to Delete Telegram Account Full Details - Technozu
Delete Telegram account

To create a Telegram account. There is also easy simple telegram account deletion. You can delete your Telegram account permanently in some quick way.

In this tutorial we will give you complete information on how to delete Telegram account. You know how to delete a telegram account – How to delete telegram account in Hindi? Delete Telegram Account Please note things first. And what if Telegram account is deleted?

Some important things to keep in mind before deleting Telegram Account

Log in to the Telegram account you want to delete. Because the account should be activated.

The device you will be using must have internet enabled.
Make sure you want to permanently delete your Telegram account.

The entire process of deleting a Telegram Account will be done through the browser. You cannot delete account through Telegram App.

Confirmation Code will also be sent to you through Telegram. The code will not be sent to you over SMS.

What happens if you delete your Telegram account?

By deleting Telegram Account Permanently, all your Contacts and Messages will be deleted.

All Groups and Channels related to this account will remain. But they will be left orphans.

Admin Rights of Groups and Channels will remain.
Contacts in groups will keep chatting among themselves. And the messages sent by you will remain with them.

If you create a Telegram account again from this number, then you will be a new user. And your history will not be returned.

How to Delete Telegram Account – A Quick Guide

Go to Telegram Deactivate Page –
Enter your mobile number.
Sign in by entering the Confirmation Code.
Enter the reason for deleting the account and click on Done.
Now click on Yes, delete my account. And it is done.

Step by Step Method to Delete Telegram Account – Full Details

First of all go to Telegram Deactivate Page.

Where will you go to log in when you go to Telegram Deactivate Page? Here you write your mobile number and click on Next. You have to write the mobile number in Internation Format. Which will be written like this – Country Code + Mobile Number (1234567890).

Now you will get a Confirmation Code from Telegram. Which will be sent to you on Telegram only (not on SMS). Open the message and copy the code from it.

Now paste the copied code in the field of Confirmation Code. Or type. And click on Sign in.

Now you will be logged in to Telegram Account and the reason for deleting the account will be asked in front of you. Write your reason in this field and click on Done.

After writing the reason, as soon as you click on Done. Two more options will open in front of you. Out of these, you click on the red button Yes, delete my account.

By doing this, your Telegram account will be deleted. And you will get a Confirmation Message. Now your Telegram Account has been successfully deleted.


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