How to Disable Ad Blocker | Advantages of Ad Blocker

How to Disable Ad Blocker

Today I will tell how you can block ad in ad blocker, first of all know what ad blocker is and how it works. ad blocker is an Extensions that you can use in any browser, to use it you have to add it to your Chrome or any browser.

See the Easy Way to Disable Ad Blocker

All you have to do is go to your Chrome or any browser :

Click on the three dot on the top right side

Then more tools

Then go to the extensions, then you will see the extensions on the left side then click on it

Then click on open chrome web store

Next, search options will come on it and search for ad blocker then add it.

(More Tools – Extentions- Extensions – Open Chrome Web Store – Search)

Advantages of Ad Blocker:

computer, you can easily remove ad shows on any sites. Using it, you can easily read the content of any sites without any problem. You just have to add ad blocker, then you have to start then ad blocker will start. You can also close it again if you want.

Disadvantages of Ad Blocker

If you go to any of the sites, then the content or images of it are not shown to you properly so that you do not have to turn on your ad blocker. If you turn off ad blocker again, then you will get content show.

Advantages of Using Ad Blocker on Youtube

Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, you must have seen that ad shows frequently, and you get upset. By adding ad blocker, you can easily close the ad that comes on YouTube, which saves you time, then you can easily watch the video without any interruption.


You can easily turn ad blocker on and off with the help of this post, these are highly profitable extensions for you. By the way, you will get a lot of ad blocker extensions, but this is the best, you can easily use it.


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