What is the Podcast | How to Earn Money from Podcast

How to Earn Money from Podcast Technozu

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about what is podcast and how you can earn money by starting it, first let’s talk about what is podcast, then let me tell you that podcast means something. Content that is in the form of audio and uploading it in a place where anyone can see it is called podcast. Podcast We can also call our own radio station in a way, if we talk in simple language, then it is a voice recording, and it is uploaded in such a place where people can listen to it, so let’s talk about your own How to make your own podcast

How to start podcast?

There are many sites to start your own podcast such as Podbeen.com and many more sites from where you can start your own podcast, you don’t have to do anything more, you just need to record your audio. And upload it there, people who will see it, you’re listening will increase.

How is Earning from Podcast

Now let’s talk about how you can earn money from this, the most important means of earning money from podcast is sponsorship, as you must have seen, people earn money by advertising in radio etc., in the same way you also do advertisement by taking sponsorship. There are many companies that sponsor podcasts and if your podcast becomes popular, then it is obvious that any company will give you sponsorship, now you must be wondering how much earning from podcasts would be. If you have 1000 listens then you can easily charge 20 to $25, in this way if you have 10000 listeners then you can easily earn $250 and now podcast gradually becomes very popular in India too. Going | people like it too

Tutorial to Create a Podcast

If you also want to make your own Live Podcast, then what you have to do is, first you have to go to this type of website, then after that you have to sign up on it, after that you will get the live option there on which you can live podcast. And if you have your own WordPress website, then there comes a plugin called Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin, you can install it and do podcast for free on your blog website in which you will create an audio file which will be installed in your hosting. You have just learned that how we can start a podcast, most of the work in podcasts is only for audio recording, so let’s know which will be the best mic for podcast, if you have a good mic in your phone, then you can also use the mic of the phone, but if you want to use the external mic, then there are many such mics in the market which give much better quality, about which you can know by clicking here.


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