How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome

Today i will tell you how you can export bookmarks from chrome. First of all, what is a bookmark, what is the bookmark as it is known by the name, i will have used it in my book whenever you find any page of the book important or you want to read it later. Bookmark that page, like putting something there, turning the page or using colors to bookmark the page so that you remember it.
Now let me tell you how i can do bookmark export in chrome, it is also similar like i said above, whenever you open some kind of website in google, or youtube where you will get a video , or a good site is seen, then you bookmark that video and site so that you remember it, then you can use it easily.

Now comes the bookmark where shows and how can you export bookmarks

Whenever you open new tab of Chrome, you will show some video of the bookmark below. Bookmarked them all.

How Can You Remove and Add Bookmarks in Chrome?

First you open chrome

Open YouTube, Star Show will be happening on its right side, click there

As soon as you click, then you will see an option, from there you can also bookmark and remove

See How You Can Export Bookmarks from Chrome

Open chrome and click on the 3 dot on its right site

Then you have to go to bookmark

Then you have to go to bookmark manager

Again you go to 3 dot in the right site and click on it

Below you will be shown export bookmarks, click on it, then save the bookmark anywhere


With the help of this post, you can easily add and remove and export bookmarks in Chrome as well, this is a very useful thing, it is very good information for you, which will help you a lot.


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