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Get Karma on Reddit

While you may be tempted to simply submit a lot of things in the hopes that one of them will receive a lot of upvotes, you should take it slowly. Karma farming is the activity of spamming posts and random content to gain karma, and it’s usually on reddit. You may be banned from some subreddits if you post too frequently in a short period of time.

The greatest approach to build karma is to post naturally. Find subreddits that you enjoy reading and join them. Share pertinent posts, participate in debates, or make amusing jokes to add to the conversation. Reddit users adore wit, thus a successful attempt at being clever will almost always result in upvotes.

Because most posts are time-sensitive, being early has a significant advantage. You can look through the “rising” or “new” sections on subreddits to see who is the first to comment. If you come upon some breaking news, being the first to publish it on the appropriate subreddit can earn you a lot of karma. Multiple accounts compete in sports league subreddits to be the first to report big transactions and signings, which can result in tens of thousands of karma points.

Posting original content (OC): unique, high-quality articles that create a conversation or demonstrate your ingenuity is another wonderful method to earn karma. If you’re in a PC hardware forum, for example, posting a complete PC-building guide will almost certainly result in a lot of favourable feedback and possibly a few awards.

As an added bonus, karma is frequently associated with Reddit awards, which are paid symbols with practical advantages. Posts with a lot of upvotes usually get a lot of awards. While karma won’t purchase you anything in and of itself, big amounts of karma typically result in awards.

what is reddit

Reddit’s nickname is “The Front Page of the Internet,” according to Google. Why is it the case?

In a nutshell, Reddit is an online community that aggregates material from many sources. People may discuss, review, and share content, effectively turning it into an automated marketplace for ideas.

The name Reddit is an abbreviation of Read It, which already gives you an idea of the network’s nature. The information on the top page has already been discussed by thousands of people, so it’s essentially a portal to anything interesting that’s going on in the world. Reddit’s first page is similar to a newspaper’s front page, except it’s more dynamic, personalised, and participatory.

You may utilise reddit to increase your e-commerce sales by targeting diverse audiences.

How to Change Reddit Username

Follow these simple steps if you’re an Android user who wants to alter your Reddit username:

On your Android device, open the Reddit app. Register for a new account or log in with an existing one.

In the upper left-hand corner, click on your avatar. Select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu.

Reddit will ask if you want to keep your randomly allocated username or change it to anything else.

Select “Change Username.”

Fill in the username you’d want to use. You won’t be able to make changes afterwards because this is a one-time action.

In the upper right-hand corner, tap “Next.”

Reddit will ask if you wish to keep that username indefinitely.

Select “Save Username.”

How Does Work? And How to Post On reddit?

You won’t be able to alter your username if you’ve previously signed up with one that wasn’t issued by Reddit. You could create a new account and choose a different username.

Despite the fact that Reddit is not governed by editors, it performs quite well thanks to its alternatives. What exactly are they?

On Reddit, there is no way to find anything. Except for searching for a Subreddit directly. And before you can learn how to post on Reddit, you must first understand what a Subreddit is.

A Subreddit is an online community where anyone can participate. Almost Everything has its own Subreddit. Politics, programmes, sports, foreign news, and even photographs of Hitler wearing socks have their own subreddits.

Some Subreddits are merely for debates, and each Subreddit works in the same way as the main page: it’s an ever-updating list of interesting things based on who’s interested in it.


Your feed adapts to your preferences; it curates the best content specifically for you. As you join Subreddits you enjoy and unsubscribe from those you don’t, the main page will only show you the ones you need.

Downvotes and Upvotes

The system of upvotes and downvotes is the most important aspect of how to post on Reddit. Users give Upvotes to items they enjoy and Downvotes to items they don’t like, resulting in a calculated score that is displayed on the post. The content of the posts with the most upvotes will be more visible on the user’s front page.


Knowing how to post on Reddit is probably less crucial than knowing how to leave comments. They work similarly to the Upvotes and Downvotes system, but are a little more amusing. Reddit organize comments in a way that encourages back-and-forth debate. The sorting and threading, in theory, should allow the most valuable conversation comments to get to the top.


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