How to Increase Wifi Speed and Range

How to Increase Wifi Speed and Range - Technozu

How Does Wi-Fi Work?

Like mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks use radio waves to exchange information in the network. The first step to install Wi-Fi is to install a wireless adapter in the computer which will transmit the data as a radio signal. The same signal will be sent through the antenna to the decoder known as the router. Once decoded, that data will be sent to the Internet with the help of a wired Ethernet connection. Since the wireless network acts like two-way traffic, the data received from the Internet will also pass through the router and be coded into the radio signal. Then the wireless adapter of the computer will receive this radio signal.

Friends WiFi speed gets our attention only when there is a lot of crush during movie streaming, it also takes time to load and there is difficulty in uploading files to the cloud or time to load a website in web browser. It seems that our attention goes to the speed of WiFi.

There are millions of people worldwide who use devices with WiFi connectivity. Often people want to know how to improve the speed of their wifi for better experience with movie streaming, large file download and upload and wireless gaming.

Way to Increase Wifi Speed

Friends, the router you are using right now and you are having this problem, then you are sure that your router is of old model, you can change it to a new version router because the latest WiFi technology that is currently up to speed with the old version router. 3 times faster.

Increase Wifi Coverage and Capacity

If you want a router that can deliver better internet speeds to more devices and longer distances, then the new 160mhz Capacity Bala router will give you both more capacity and better coverage.

You can easily stream movie games videos and other heavy applications with fast wifi connection in good graphics and high quality in a short time.

Why Is Wifi Speed Down

There may be several possible reasons for slow connection speeds such as walls and floors affecting wireless signals.

Router and access device distance

The number of devices using a WiFi network also affects the speed of the connection. It may also make a difference in speed by not properly shitting the height of your router off the floor.

You can talk to your internet service provider and get a good package according to your requirement, which has good speed. There are many internet service providers in the friends market, which have different planes, so you can select any one according to your requirement.

This is the main reason that affects the speed and connectivity of our internet connection


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