How to Post Instagram on Desktop and Laptop

How to Post Instagram on Desktop and Laptop - Technozu

Today I am telling you How to Post Instagram on Desktop and Laptop in an easy way, this is an easy way that you can do it.

About Instagram

You must have often seen that most people are using Instagram, Instagram is a social media site where you can share your photos and promote videos on it, you can also run ads on it easily.

Everyone posts on Instagram on mobile but hardly anyone knows to post on desktop and laptop, but you can easily do this without an Instagram app, you can help someone by telling them so that they too Learn to post on it.

Easy Ways – How to Post Instagram on Desktop and Laptop

  • First of all, open your Instagram on desktop or laptop
  • Then you go to the third dot in the right corner of your Google Chrome
  • After that you go to more tools
  • Then after that you go to developer tools
  • After that your Instagram will show you in mobile view
  • After that you just have to refresh, then you can post there on mobile and in the same way you can do it on desktop and laptop.

How to Follow the People on Instagram?

It is much easier to follow the logo on Instagram, it is much easier for you to follow it. When you create your account in the beginning, you do not have followers or there are any posts, tell you the easiest way to tell people. To follow, first of all you can search your keywords by going to the search bar of instagram and putting # there, you can search whatever is related to your website, you can search instagram # understands the language of the tag as soon as you search it. Related You will see a lot more profiles, you can click on anyone and see.

As soon as you look at someone else’s profile, you will then be there

You will be able to see it, then you can follow its followers by clicking on followers, so that your followers will also increase. Then whatever you post, that much traffic will come to you from your followers.

Some Questions Related to Instagram

Q. What is the release date of Instagram i.e. when did it come ?
A. 6 October 2010

Q. Who is the CEO of Instagram ?
A. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Q. Instagram Which Country App ?
A. America


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