How To Protect Your Eyes From Smartphone Strain

How To Protect Your Eyes From Smartphone Strain

Protect Your Eyes From Smartphone Strain

Read this fact carefully; every adult spends an average of 8 hours daily on digital devices. Half of the users use two devices at the same time (i.e. smartphone and laptop/ computer). We spend our 9 to 5 job on these devices and then spend our leisure time on it also. Such excessive usage has led to eye strain and other eye health issues. Eyes are one of the most fragile body parts, so we need to take extra precautionary measures to protect them. If your routine also involves excessive screen time, you should be serious about it. At work, take the precautions using the company’s benefits and schemes. For instance, many companies offer an Rx safety eyewear program for all of its employees to make sure they

face no eye injury. At home, you should review the routine and make necessary adjustments that do not affect your health. Furthermore, we will discuss some methods through which we can save ourselves from eye strain while still getting the benefits of smartphones and other digital devices.

Don’t Stare At The Screen Keep Blinking

Young adults stare at the screen for hours without blinking eyes. They stare at the screen with such a gaze that grabs their attention. So they fully get attracted to smartphones. The safe method is to keep blinking every few minutes while using the phone. Whether you are doing an official task or playing a game, blink your eyes every few minutes later. It will help the eyes to take a small rest and regain energy. After this practice, you will experience better vision and concentration.

Wash Eyes With Water

Water is a source of life for us and that aspect is true in every sense. Make it your habit to wash your eyes with water every few hours. Even if you don’t go outside and your eyes don’t get dust, still wash them with water. It will make eyes fresh and you will be able to concentrate on the screen more.

Practice 20/20/20 Rule

Opticians and digital health experts have devised a safety rule that is known as the 20/20/20 rule. This rule demand that we should look at any object other than screen for 20 seconds located 20 meters away after every 20 minutes. If we practice this rule, our eyes will get distracting energy and will gain focus more. This rule has been successfully applied by many

healthcare experts. So this approved practice will also save your eyes from any possible strain caused by the screen.

Safety goggles are a great invention for the eyes. Typically, we use them when going outside. However, now we can find such glasses in the market that are resistant to blue light of the screen. These goggles have anti-glare lenses that block the harmful rays from the eyes. So if you are engaged in a smartphone for more than 4 hours, get a good pair of safety glasses. There are many authentic eyewear providers such as Eyeweb safety, Uvex, DeWalt, and Pyrex, etc. Make sure that you get the right size of glasses for you. You can also seek help from an optician to get the right prescription.

Revise Your Smartphone Usage

If you’re using a smartphone for more than 8 hours, it does not mean that you genuinely need the phone for such a long time. If you review your phone usage honestly, you will find out that you can save a few hours. Make a preference list of apps that you need the most. Use these apps and then if you don’t get tired, you can use other apps too. But remember that always consider your health and safety your priority while using the smartphone.

Take Enough Sleep

Using a smartphone with sleepy eyes can also harm the eyes greatly. Studies have shown that if people don’t get enough sleep, they are likely to catch eyestrain and other health issues. So take at least 6 hours of sleep if you are an adult. For young kids and teens, 8 hours of sleep is minimum. Don’t compromise your health over entertainment.

These are some basic tips to ensure that you enjoy healthy and safe eyes while still using digital devices. But remember that effectiveness of these tips depends on how honestly you follow them.


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