How to Recover Text Messages from your Mobile Phone

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Recovering text messages from your AT&T mobile phone is now made more possible with the availability of third party programs and hardware capable of performing recovery of text messages. Most of these programs usually go beyond offering only recovering text messages but they also can recover phone logs, videos and photos. But this article will only be limited to recovering text messages from an AT&T Mobile Phone.


Buy a mobile phone data recovery kit. These kits usually offer more than text message recovery like last phone logs, videos and photos.

Install the bundled software which came in with the mobile phone data recovery kit. Most programs are installed in DVD or CD or some may offer a downloadable program on their website.

Remove the SIM from the mobile phone whose data you wish to recover. Then insert the SIM into the phone data recovery device.

Plug the device to the USB port of the computer or laptop. Run the software by clicking the executable icon or going to the start menu and finding the shortcut to the program.

Recover the text message by finding in the program the option of recover text messages. Most programs are very easy and intuitive to use so this will not be much of a problem.


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