How to Restore Tab from Chrome

How to Restore Tab from Chrome

What is Google Chrome

It is a web browser that was released on 2 September 2008. Everyone uses Google Chrome whether it is a smartphone or laptop or something and everyone knows that Google Chrome is a web browser, web browser is enough but Chrome is a good and simple one. It has many features that other browsers do not. There are many browsers you can see but the best is Chrome, so everyone uses it, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Web Browser, Safari Web Browser, Chromium.

See How You Can Restore Tabs in Google Chrome

If you are doing some important work in Google Chrome, your tab light turns off or it suddenly shuts down, then whatever work you are doing, you have to do it again, with the help of the restore tab Can come back again. You can easily bring back tabs from it, this is an easy way to bring it back.

How to Open New Tabs in Chrome

Opening new tabs is quite easy. (How to Restore Tab from Chrome) Whenever you work on more than one website, you have to open new tabs, which makes it easier for you to work, you don’t have to open anything other than Google Chrome. You have to click on the 3 dots on the corner, then you have to go to the new tab, and then you will open.
shortcut key –
New Tab – Ctrl + T

It explained how you can open tabs if you are suddenly working if your system shuts down then what you need to do is bring back all the tabs.
All you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + T after opening your Chrome. All the tabs you have opened will open again. This is an easy way that few people know about.

Sometimes this happens when you are closed then you open the laptop again, after opening Google Chrome, you have the option of Restore settings, with the help of that you can also open your tab again.

How to Open a New Window in Chrome

It is also very easy to use a new window, most people do not know it, they have seen it, sometimes people keep two web browsers open, people do it like they use 2 mail IDs, Then they do not open together. This is an easy method if you can. You can also open a new private window and use 2 mail IDs. To open, you will again go to 3 dots and the new window option will go to that, just below which you can also open a new incognito window.

Shortcut Key
New Window – Ctrl + N
New incognito window – Ctrl + Shift + N


In this post, you are told how you can open a new tab in your Google Chrome and bring all your tabs back in a few seconds and you can use 2 mail id in the same browser. One is an easy way to help you a lot, you can tell us by commenting for more information.


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