How to Sign Out of YouTube

How to Sign Out of YouTube

Today I will tell you how to sign out youtube, nowadays you must have seen that almost everyone uses youtube, be it mobile or computer, all people use it and nowadays everybody signs in youtube and sign if you If you have kept it, then you can easily like and subscribe to any video, often you have seen that if it is not signed, then you are not able to subscribe to the video, so many people are signing in May include, Because all are already Google account I sign in so keeping your sign in all I had and you would not need any of repeatedly sign in.

Why Should YouTube Be Signed Out

If you use youtube in someone else’s phone or computer, then you can watch the video without signing in, but you have opened your mail id in your phone, then if you go to youtube then there will be sign in show , in other’s system, you should sign out because your mail id is logged in it. If you are running your laptop and computer then there is no need to sign out.

Two Easy Points That You Can Sign Out to Youtube

First You Open YouTube

You will see the icon of your mail id in the right side above, click on it

Sign Out to Youtube step one

Then you will see the option of sign out, click on it, your sign will be out.

Sign Out to Youtube step two


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