How to Turn Down Facebook Messenger Volume

How to Turn Down Facebook Messenger Volume - Technozu

Do you also want to turn off the sound of your Facebook Messenger? Today I will tell you how to turn down Facebook messenger volume, that too without any problem.

Nowadays, everyone uses facebook messenger because it is very easy to use as well as it is important to use it while talking to any friend on Facebook so that you can easily talk and send anything from it.

How Important or Not How to Turn Down Facebook Messenger Volume

By the way more people keep it running, it stays true as if you are talking to someone, you do not know whose message has come, you will not have any notification on your messenger, whose message has come to you the sound will not sound,

That’s why more people keep the facebook messenger notifications on, so that you get a message from anyone, you know more easily, so that you will easily know whose message has come, then you can reply to it easily.

See the Easy Way You Can Do This

  1. First of all you open your Facebook messenger
  2. After that, on the top side you will have a show written by chat, along with that you will also be sleeping on the profile, click on it.
  3. Then you have to scroll down
  4. Your notification then goes to & sound
  5. Then you will see the option of the sound below, clicking on it, you can turn it on and off from the same.

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