How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications

If you are upset with the notifications coming in your Google Chrome and you want to stop, today I tell you an easy way that your problem will be fixed, then you can easily run Google Chrome

Why Notifications Come in Google Chrome

If you go to any website or click on it, then after that you do some of your work back, then the notification of the unique site that you clicked or visited, then the notification of the same site is on your screen. You are worried again, if you want to turn it off then you can.

On mobile and computer, you can also block notifications in this way.

Let’s see how to turn off google chrome notifications

  1. First you will go to the settings of Google Chrome
google chrome

2. Then you go to the site settings after going to the advance

3. You will see Notifications, click on it

4. After that you can block the site, you will also see the site, you can block those sites, then the notification will not come to you.


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