How to Turn Off Location Services on Amazon Fire TV

How to Turn Off Location Services on Amazon Fire TV - Technozu

There is no option to turn off the Amazon Fire TV other than unplugging it from the power source. You can put the Fire TV into sleep mode instead, and we’ll show you how to do that.

Why the Amazon Fire TV Won’t Turn Off

Amazon has made the Fire TV so that you don’t need to turn it off. If you don’t plan to use it for some time, you can put it in sleep mode instead. This mode uses less power by shutting down many Fire TV activities.

When you want to use the Fire TV again, simply wake it from sleep.

If you’re going away and you won’t be using the Fire TV for a long time, you can unplug it from the power source, which will turn the device off. When you plug it back in, it will start up as usual.

How to Put the Amazon Fire TV in Sleep Mode

You can enter sleep mode on the Fire TV using the remote controller or the Fire TV app. We’ll show you both ways to do the task.

Use the Fire TV Remote to Activate Sleep Mode
To start, press and hold down the Home button for about three seconds on your Fire TV remote.

A menu will appear on your TV’s screen. Select the “Sleep” option in this menu.

Press the button inside the ring on your remote to activate the “Sleep” option.

Your Fire TV should enter sleep mode and the TV screen will go blank.

To wake the Fire TV, press any button on your remote.

Use the Amazon Fire TV App to Enter Sleep Mode

You can also put your device into sleep mode if you control your Fire TV with the Fire TV app for iPhone or Android.

Open the Fire TV app on your iPhone or Android phone. On the Apps screen, tap the cog icon in the upper-left corner.

Select “Sleep” from the menu that appears on your screen.

Your Fire TV is now in sleep mode.

To wake it up, tap any button displayed in the Fire TV app on your phone.

As a Fire TV user, did you know that you can use Android apps on your Fire TV? There’s a way to bring all your favorite Android apps to the big screen of your TV.


How much is Amazon Fire TV per month?

There are no monthly fees associated with the Amazon Fire Stick. All you need to pay for is the device itself. However, if you have apps that have their own subscription costs, you will have to pay monthly fees for those.

How does Amazon Fire TV work?

*Amazon fire Tv stick is a media streaming device which lets you stream video, install apps, play music etc on your tv. *It’s built on the Android platform and it converts your normal tv to a smart tv. *You can install android apps on the device and play games and enjoy music too

Is Amazon Fire TV free with Prime?

There is no fee to use the FireTV Stick. The stick comes with a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, which has a current annual fee of $99. If you want to continue using Amazon Prime after the 30-day trial, you’d pay for it.

Is there a monthly charge for Firestick?

No, there is no monthly fee to use the Fire TV Stick itself but keep in mind that being a Prime member greatly increases its value and services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO (required for HBO GO), etc all have their own associated subscription costs.

Is Amazon Fire TV the same as Amazon Prime?

If you are an Amazon Prime member, your Fire TV Stick comes pre-registered to your account. You have immediate access to all of your Amazon Prime content as soon as you plug your Fire TV Stick into your HDMI port.


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