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भारत का सुपर सोशल मीडिया App Elyments हुआ लॉन्च, जानें क्या हैं इसमें खास

59 Chinese apps have been banned in India, now everyone will know,
And at the same time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested the country to participate in the Self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge.

After the closure of Chinese apps in India, India has announced the introduction of plans to make self-reliant in the matter of apps and social media. More than 1 thousand IT professionals came together to make the Swadeshi app, it is a better and better start to make the country self-reliant. Under this, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Artist of Living has created an Indian social media super app Lie Elements (Elements).

Users’ Data Will Be Kept Safe in This

By the way, these apps have been tested continuously for several months and according to the test it has been revealed that the data of the users will be kept absolutely safe and no third party can steal its data. And right now these apps are available on the Google Play store, you can easily download from here more than one lakh users have downloaded it.

Who Did It and When Was It Launched

On Sunday, July 5, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu launched the social media app Elements and there was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Artist of Living.

There Are Many Seekers in This App

A large number of IT experts worked on this app, to make it, there will be a lot of merits in this app that you work on different apps, it will be easy to work with only this one app. Along with social connectivity, it will include features like group calling, aud-video calling, e-payment, etc. that you will like a lot. And these app data security available in 8 languages ​​have been given full attention.

Social media app Elyments I will get to see every kind of bath feature like you use many apps but it is best that many apps do it together, that alone you will easily download it from play store. . The best thing you can use is that your data safe will always be there, I am not thinking about it.

Now India will not be allowed to depend on the apps of any country, in India, we can become one app more than one, showing us that there is no shortage of skills in India, you should also promote this campaign so that India is self-sufficient.


Once you download the social media app Elyments , take advantage of it, it is a very good app. This is a great opportunity to make India self-reliant, you can tell us by commenting for more information.


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