Internet Control Protocol in Computer Networks

Internet Control Protocol in Computer Networks - Technozu

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) – It is used to detect if there is a problem in the communication that happens inside the Internet, it is for the error that comes between the network devices, it is detected with the help of this. Whether its data is going to the right place or not and the IP packet does not go to its destination, then the network device generates an error with the help of ICMP.

The error message is like this

request service not available
host and router not reachable

And you do not even see any type of error, they are transferred among themselves.

With the help of ICMP, the internet works properly, with the help of this network diagnostic utilities can be used as ping and trash and route.

what is ping

This means that the requesting host and destination host are connected to the connectivity test.

what is traceroute

It is used to trace the path between two computers.


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