Playstation 4 Price in India Flipkart

Playstation 4 Price in India Flipkart - Technozu

Today I will tell you how much is playstation 4 price in india on flipkart and how to do it. Who does not know about playstation 4, nowadays children also know it and how to play and they will have all kinds of information about it which no grown man will have.

playstation 4 price

Now let me tell you what is the price of playstation 4 online store and how can you buy it

Although you get a lot of websites online to order, but you all know which is the best website from where you can order playstation 4 without any problem. I am talking about Amazon, and Flipkart.

what is the price of playstation 4 on flipkart

Right now its price is ₹ 27,490, this price keeps going up and down, if you have to order playstation 4 then you can order as soon as the products are available, stock comes, it does not take time to out of stock

Product Description

Enjoy video games in crystal-clear picture-quality by bringing home this PS4 gaming console from Sony. Rocking an x86-64 AMD Jaguar octa-core processor, this gaming console is HDMI-enabled so that you can indulge in action-packed video games in high definition.

Power-packed Performance

It features an x86-64 AMD Jaguar octa-core processor and AMD Radeon based graphics engine (with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM) that help you in playing high-graphic games smoothly.

Storage Capacity

To ensure that you don’t end up playing the same game over and over game, this device has a memory capacity of 500 GB. So, go store plenty of high-octane games in it!


Not only is it Wi-Fi enabled, but it also has an Ethernet port to help you connect to the internet in a way you like the most. It also supports Bluetooth-connectivity (v4.0), so you can pair your Bluetooth headphones with it and indulge in the immersive audio of your favourite games. It has two Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen1) port and an AUX port, so you can charge your USB-enabled devices and you can connect your audio devices to it.

AV Output

It is HDMI-enabled so that you can connect your HD television to it and enjoy playing your most favourite games in high definition.


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