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See How to Delete Reddit Post the Easy Way - Technozu

Today I will tell you how you can delete Reddit Post without any problem, first of all let me tell you that Reddit is a kind of social media site where every kind of posts can be related to your website, out of which you Can belong to this category. To create that kind of post, you can create an account on it, you can create a post, if you already have an account, you can login directly. see the below How to Delete Reddit Post

Reddit is a very good site from where you can easily bring traffic to your site, by creating an account on it, you can post it whenever you want, so try to add more content, more and more content. Write. And you can also put anchor text in it, you can also share an image with it, read more effects related to the content. Inside, if you post something right, if you post something wrong, it can suspend your account.

You can also check trending in it, and you can join the community related to your site, you can follow them. It will be beneficial whenever you create a post, you will be shown some posts related to it. You can comment.

How to Delete Reddit Post

  • First you login to reddit account
  • you must enter your username and password to login.
  • Then you go to the corner in your reddit account and click on your icon then click on my profile below
  • your post is about to come in front of you, then click on the title of your post
  • then you will open again, then click on the three dot below
  • you will see the option to delete, you can remove from there

How to Create an Account on Reddit

  • First you go to
  • Then you will see the option to sign up and login. Click sign up
  • Then you will see the option to create mail ID and account from Google, you can easily create it
  • After entering the mail id, you will put the username and password in front of you.
  • After that you can create a reddit account by clicking on sign up.


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