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We often hear about finance. This is a broad term. Many times this question must have come in your mind What is Finance in Hindi? You must have also searched it in Google. But there is clearly very little information about it on the Internet. So in this article you will know what is the meaning of finance?

What is Finance

Finance meaning in Hindi The word finance is derived from the French language. The Hindi meaning of finance is finance. Finance or finance in simple language is defined as the management of money. But finance is a group of several commercial procedures. Finance is a multi-meaning word. Finance is necessary for any person, company and government to do work. Finance is divided into three parts.

Types of Finance

  • (Personal Finance)
  • (Corporate Finance)
  • (Public Finance)

According to the same type of behavior, such as suitable for the type of behavior, less likeable, suitable for the behavior. These are a bit different. Like for a particular person or in the case of a company or government.

What is Personal Finance? what is personal finance

Personal finance meaning in Hindi Personal finance personal finance meaning in Hindi Personal finance is the management and control of money for individuals. Everyone handles their money in their own way, they have their own way. Managing money in this way is called personal finance.

What is Corporate Finance? what is corporate finance

Corporate finance meaning in Hindi As you know personal finance talks about individual income, expenditure, investment plan. But corporate finance, which we also call corporate finance, is the planning of income, expenses, investments of a company, organization or group. It is the income of a company, salary of employees, other expenses, investments etc.

What is Public Finance? what is public finance

It is clear from the name of public finance that it is public finance. This type of finance is usually concerned with the government. Public finance means public finance. Public Finance Public Finance refers to the finance of the public sector. The government maintains the public sector financial transactions, investments, accounts.


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