What is Network Security ?

What is Network Security

We can call internet security as a branch of security. They are connected to the internet, inside it attention is given to the security of the browser, it establishes ways in which the attack of the internet can be thwarted. it does many things

See its Many Benefits

Today’s time is of digital and this has changed our world completely. Food, drinking, playing, jumping, sleeping, waking up, jobs have all changed, we see everything digital and the role of network security is in it. To avoid many problems, such as an organization that allows us to access our services to our home, keep our network safe and protect our ownership information. Switch to the more help they have proved to be effective in every way.

Types of Network Security

Some Types of Network Security

  • Firewalls
  • Email security
  • Network segmentation
  • Application security
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Mobile device security
  • Web security
  • VPN security
  • Wireless security

More security is available, but we have seen these security here keeping in mind some popular and real time data, and you can also make a good career in them.


Here we have learned about all the facts of network security and also seen how it keeps our data secure. Hopefully the information will be liked if you want to give any kind of suggestion or ask something, comment and Share this article


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