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Today I will tell you what is VPN is and how to use it and what are its benefits as the name itself suggests, Virtual Private Network i.e. VPN can speak a kind of private network, it can be used to secure WIFI. Is done, so that you can easily protect your personal data from hackers, also use it to open a blocked website, eg, you can open any site which is not running in India if the site If that website is from USA then you can use VPN to run that site, VPN will get you both paid and free which you can use easily. Most traders, organizations, government and important websites that use it do not have their data leaked or there is no problem of any kind, so they use it.

Advantages of VPN

Advantages of VPN

  • Even in free VPN you do not need any money, in this you will see all the features that you get in a software.
  • You can use it to open a block website.
  • By using VPN, you can save your data from hackers
  • Apart from free VPN, your data is more secure than Paid VPN.
  • This is also an advantage in Paid VPN, you can transfer data at high speed in it.

Disadvantages of VPN

  • If you are running your internet, then it becomes slow due to VPN
  • Hackers can do something wrong by hiding their identity
  • If you use free VPN, then they have access to you, so it is not right for you.

Free VPN Site List 2021

Below are some free VPN websites and software, you can use them easily

  • NordVPN
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  • Tunnel Bear
  • Proton VPN Free
  • Windscribe
  • Speedify
  • Hide.me

How to use free VPN in computer and laptop

  • First you go to Google Chrome and then click on the three dot above you on the corner.
  • Then you will click on more tools below, then you will see the extension there, click on it
  • Then click on Extensions Three line above.
  • Then click on the open chrome web store below.
  • Then the search bar will come in, search for touch VPN
  • Then Touch VPN – Secure and unlimited VPN proxy will show on the first number, then you add to chrome.
  • Then it will be added to your Chrome, then when you click on it, it will open, then there will be some country shows there, then you can use it by clicking on anyone.

Similarly, you use it in mobile also, you can download any free VPN application from Play Store and use it in your mobile.


Today we have told about VPN in this post, what it is and how to use it, its advantages and disadvantages have also told you if you liked this post, then you got some help from it, then you will give us You can tell by commenting.


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