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Youtube Founders Net Worth - Technozu

Today I am telling you who is the founder of the founders and how much is their net worth and how can you earn money from YouTube.

By the way, you do not need to tell what is YouTube, everyone knows that YouTube is, it is a video sharing website, it is the world’s number site, you can also earn money from this, nowadays most people are earning money from this. After uploading videos, you can earn money from your channel, you can also upload videos, you can also upload videos.

today i tell you the net worth of the founders of you tube

The name of the founder of youtube is Javed Karim
Jawed Karim had his first meal on youtube for the first time
Jawed Karim was born on 28 October 1979 in Mers Baring, Germany.
Jawed Karim’s YouTube Channel –

Name: Jawed Karim
Known for: Co-founder of YouTube
Net worth: $160 million

These videos are taken from you tube

How to Earn Money from Youtube

  1. Google Adsense You can monetize your YouTube channel with the help of AdSense.

2. Sponsored Videos To earn money from this type of video, first you have to make your channel popular and once it is visible to everyone then you can earn a lot from it.

3. Affiliate marketing


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