How to Disable Your PC’s Power Button on Windows 10

How to Disable Your PC’s Power Button on Windows 10 - Technozu

Today we will tell you how to Disable Your PC’s Power Button on Windows 10 in an easy way, see some easy steps

If you ever accidentally shut down your computer by pressing the power button, there is an easy way to disable the power button in Windows 10 so that you can do this (or do something different) and you can turn your sleep button Can also control them easily, if your computer has one. Like this.

Windows 10 requires a visit to the control panel to change the way your computer’s power button works. First, launch the control panel by opening the start menu and typing “control”, and then enter or click on the control panel icon.

  • Then in the Control Panel, click “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Then locate the “Power Options” section and click the “What to do power button”.
  • After this, you then see a screen that shows what happens when you press the power or sleep button on your machine. Under “Power and Sleep Button Settings”, click on the drop-down menu with “When I press the power button”.
  • Then further to the “When you press the power button” menu, you will see several options. Here are all the options:

Do Nothing: As soon as you push the power button, nothing happens.

Sleep: Your PC goes into low-power sleep mode but keeps running.

Hibernate: Your PC saves the state of your system memory on disk and shuts down. Your session may resume later when you backup.

Shutdown: This shuts down Windows and shuts down your PC. (This is the default.)

Turn off the display: Your display turns off, but your PC remains powered on.

To avoid losing your work if you press the power button, choose any option other than “Shutdown”. This will prevent accidental shutdowns. If you don’t want any interruptions as a result of hitting the power button, select “Do Nothing”.

Then click “Save Changes” and close the Control Panel.

The next time you press your PC’s power button, it will not turn off automatically. If you choose “Do Nothing” in the last step, you can shut down your PC by choosing “Shutdown” from the Start menu. Hope you have a productive day!

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